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How To Successfully Reduce The Effects Of Pet Allergies?

Allergies are usually caused when body's immune system becomes sensitized to foreign proteins and start attacking them. Apart from some common sources such as dust and pollen, there are many people, which are also allergic to pets. Pet allergies in humans are not only caused due to the proteins that are found in animal dander, but also in the urine and saliva of the pets. The result of such reactions is usually wheezing, shortness of breath, coughing, hives and even itching. These allergies also tend to affect the eyes, which usually results in burning, itching, tearing and swelling of the eyes. As a matter of fact, you cannot distinguish any specific breed of dogs or cats that result in such reactions as almost all the breeds have allergen proteins in their saliva and urine. Additionally, not all people develop symptoms of pet allergies and since allergic reactions develop over specific time and exposure, it is recommended to take special care if you are already suffering from asthma.

Many times, reaction to pet allergies can be quite instantaneous and in certain situations it might even get delayed for hours after exposure to pet dander, urine or saliva. Therefore, if any of your family members is prone to pet allergies, it is recommended to stay off upholstered furniture, where dander gets collected that further aggravate allergies. It is also important to ensure that all the activities related to your pet should be conducted outdoors to make sure the house remains free from any sort of allergens creating an uncomfortable environment for the person suffering from pet allergy. Apart from using various preventive measures, it is also suggested to use air purifier in the house, which is large enough to cover those areas in your house where your pet is allowed to stay. Frequent use of vacuum cleaners can keep the carpets and rugs free from allergens.

Some simple measures that can help you in reducing the effects of pet allergies are:

• Since allergens are sticky, it is recommended to clean your home rigorously. Wash the upholstery and keep the surface uncultured and clean. Since carpets attract maximum allergens, therefore it is recommended to either remove the carpets or regularly use vacuum cleaners.

• Installing air purifiers can be of great help as they are capable in reducing the indoor allergy problems. The filtration system of these purifiers is designed that they can easily be fitted on the central heating units and air conditioning systems to remove the allergens from the air.

• It is also essential to clean your pets regularly by giving them a regular bath that will successfully reduce the allergen count in your house.

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